BAR Young Movers

BAR Young Movers is a group open individuals who are active in the removals & storage industry or provide services to this sector. Individuals need to be 39 years of age or under to fall in this category of Membership. The group was relaunched in 2017 with the intention of encouraging learning, networking and socialising between young people within the removals industry, helping them set up business relationships that will potentially last throughout their careers.

Along with peer networking the primary focus of the group is to ensure that business knowledge is passed on to a new generation of movers by senior figures from within the industry, thus ensuring that the industry endures for generations to come; with a secondary purpose of improving retention levels in the trade and promoting removals as a career.

A benefit to the employer

A thriving future for removals relies on younger people both joining the industry and coming through the ranks. So it’s vital that they are given the opportunity to understand how a job in removals can become a progressive and rewarding career.

Removal company owners and directors will undoubtedly gain from the experience and knowledge their younger employees gain from networking with their peers. Whether this is simply an increase in enthusiasm or ways to improve working practices in their company, exposure to new ideas can only benefit the employer.

BAR Young Movers 2021 Conference – Belfast

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Training & Events Programme

The Young Movers Council aim to hold a training session on a bi-monthly basis. The training events are a mixture of online webinars and in person training days. One thing is for sure that the session will be of value and you’ll have a certificate at the end to prove it.

Young Movers Group Brochure

Our primary mission revolves around ensuring the longevity and sustained prosperity of the industry for future generations. At the same time, we dedicate ourselves to elevating the prestige of removals as a respected career avenue, cultivating a heightened sense of enthusiasm within the sector.