BAR/TSI Logo – are you using the correct version?

Further to Melissa Fowler’s article in October’s issue of the R&S Magazine, the highest raised nonconformity to date continues to be the incorrect use of BAR logos by Members.

In August 2015, TSI’s website address was amended following their change of status to a ‘Chartered’ organisation, which meant they were no longer permitted to use ‘.gov’ in their URL.  Consequently, the BAR/TSI logo had to be updated to show their new website address – Therefore, all BAR Members must ensure that all paperwork, email signatures, vehicles or any other marketing materials are updated as a matter of urgency.

There are certain rules in relation to the type of BAR logos available to use, including where and how they must be displayed.  For further guidance, please see our How to use the BAR logo’ guidance document.

Please also feel free to contact the Compliance Team on 01923 699 486 /