Removals Driver: Driver CPC Smart Motorways (7hrs)

Ideal for any professional driver wishing to learn more about the roles and responsibilities in preparation, loading and delivering moves whilst receiving 14 hours of Driver CPC periodic training.

Course Overview

This course has been written by Highways England and aims to provide professional drivers with up-
to-date information on the different types of smart motorway including associated signs, signal and
technology. It covers the safety benefits of smart motorways and gives attendees the opportunity to
understand how driving behaviour can affect road safety.

Course Content

  • Understand the types of motorway and safety design features
  • Know the signs and signals
  • Appreciate how technology enables traffic flow
  • Understand how driving attitude affects road safety
  • Evaluate the hazards involved in motorway driving
  • Be familiar with techniques and skills to avoid collisions
  • Understand how weather affects driving conditions
  • Stay safe and keep traffic moving.


1 day

Maximum Delegates:


Price per Delegate:

Members: £95 + VAT (includes DVSA upload)

Non Members: £105 + VAT (includes DVSA upload)

Venues & Dates:


5 June

To find out more information on this course or to book please contact us on 01923 699484 or email

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