QSS is pleased to advise that we are now starting to catch up on the backlog of BAR Code of Practice inspections and/or standards audits that have been postponed as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The number had “peaked” at just over 75 a few weeks back but lockdown is beginning to ease and some of the BAR inspectors are now able to venture out and complete physical site inspections.  We continue to offer remote desktop inspections where others in the inspection team need to do so as a result of personal circumstances meaning they need to continue shielding from the virus.

As a reminder, if you are due an inspection in the next few months or if your inspection is overdue, please work with your nominated inspector to have the inspection completed.  The inspector will guide you in plenty of time towards requirements most especially if it is to be completed on a remote desktop basis.  We continue to get very positive feedback on the remote desktop process where you can spread the workload of gathering evidence to demonstrate compliance over a much longer period and feed it to the inspector in parts rather than have the whole process take up a whole morning or afternoon on site.

For more information, or if you have questions or concerns about inspections as lockdown eases, please contact your allocated inspector or e-mail QSS General Manager David Woodhouse on david.woodhouse@qssonline.co.uk