Want to keep your O-Licence? Here’s one New Year’s resolution worth making: Get on-line and register on time!

Time is running out to make paper operator licence applications and renewals.  The Office of the Traffic Commissioner envisages that the whole process will be paperless and on-line by 2019. Operators are under a duty to make sure that their information on the system is correct.  With much of it having been taken from organisations such as Companies House,  it is really worth registering and checking that the information on your business is accurate rather than leaving it to chance.  If it isn’t, you may be committing an offence and putting your operator’s licence at risk.

If you are a director or transport manager, please take this opportunity to see if you can log onto the system at https://www.vehicle-operator-licensing.service.gov.uk/auth/login/

Please also make sure that the Traffic Commissioner’s Office has an up to date e-mail address for you.  If you cannot log on, it is something you need to urgenty resolve.

Backhouse Jones helped with the trial of the new system so are well-versed in how it works.  With the deadline looming, why don’t you give one of our regulatory team a call on 01254 828300 to see if we can help?