Following 18-months of consultation with the membership, the BAR Board of Directors at its January 2017 meeting, formally voted in favour of the implementation of the association-wide Advance Payment Guarantee scheme (APG scheme) funded by its Members.

By adopting this scheme, our obligation to the CTSI Code of Practise to provide a consumer payment protection platform is fulfilled, and at the same time it will significantly enhance the reputation of the Association and its Members by reinforcing our commitment to providing an auditable and accountable service to the consumer in a market place that is still largely unregulated.

We will publish further details on the implementation plan over the course of the coming weeks, together with the marketing and branding strategies that will support the scheme. If you have any questions on this initiative, please submit them in the first instance to

Please click here to view the article that is included in the February issue of R&S Magazine.

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