Today, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett, together with key transport industry stakeholders, met with the Secretary of State for Transport to discuss the industry’s desperate need for Brexit clarity.

“Mr Grayling remained optimistic that a deal will be reached – albeit last minute,” said Richard Burnett. “However,” he continued, “neither I, nor the others present, shared his optimism. There are still far too many unknowns – the only certainty is that a no-deal Brexit have a significant impact the haulage operators that cross to mainland Europe daily.

“You have to get a deal and find a way of us being able to access Europe,” Richard Burnett told Mr Grayling.

“What is Government doing to support British business at a time when the effects of a no deal will have such a huge detrimental impact on the entire British economy?

“It’s clear that the EU doesn’t want to make it easy for us to leave.  Our supply chains are set up for just in time deliveries, 50% of our food comes from around the world and 70% of that is from the EU. If we only have restricted access to the Europe and must negotiate permits, how effective will that access be:

Concluding, Richard Burnett said: “Do we feel that today’s meeting has achieved something? No. Are we confident that the issue will be resolved?  No. Have we finally received clarity? No.

“We tried to present a pragmatic view as to what will happen. It’s up to Government to whether or not they listen.”