Foreign Currency Exchange Limited

FC Exchange is one of Europe’s leading foreign currency experts and has helped over 25,000 clients move in excess of £5.5bn overseas. At FC Exchange, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their dream of moving abroad and can trade in 51 different currencies for exciting destinations worldwide. We want out clients to feel confident when making a foreign currency trade, so we offer them our specialist market insight and the security of our Best Exchange Rate Guarantee.

With a wealth of experience in aiding both private and business customers, we can assist BAR members in helping their clients save money. Your customers will be in safe hands as we’ll assign them their own personal currency expert to help them navigate the market and make strategic trading choices. Our account managers guide clients through the entire transfer process and get to know their specific requirements so they can tailor a trade that’s beneficial for them.

FC Exchange wants its customers to get the most currency for their money, so we take smaller margins so we can offer exchange rates typically up to 4% more competitive than banks. What’s more, we offer transparent transactions with no hidden fees or tagged on commission so what you’re quoted is what you’ll pay.  There are a host of trading possibilities for those looking at purchasing property overseas, such as the ability to lock-in a current exchange rate to use at any point in the next two years. With a forward contract, you needn’t worry about major market shifts having secured a favourable rate and can focus on the rest of the move knowing your funds are protected from adverse risk.

FC Exchange has over 10 years of experience and we hold a five-star Trust Pilot rating as well as being authorised as an E-Money institution by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This accolade allows us to hold clients’ money while they set up an overseas bank account or complete a property purchase. Safety is extremely important, which is why all funds are kept in separate accounts. Businesses partnering with FC Exchange benefit from an additional revenue stream as well as enhancing the customer experience with value added service from a knowledgeable currency provider.

Clients can sign up for a free account with no obligation to trade and get instant access to their own personal currency specialist and sign up for regular market emails to keep them informed of anything that may impact their chosen exchange rate.

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